Setup Bitbucket Pipeline

  • Open your repository
  • Select Pipelines from the side menu
  • Choose More > Other from the choice of languages
  • Commit the default bitbucket-pipelines.yml file
  • Select Settings from the side menu
  • Select Environment variables from the PIPELINE section. See Using environment variables (First look at BitBucket Pipelines, part 3)
  • Add the variables FTP_USERNAME, FTP_PASSWORD and FW_REINIT (these last two should be marked as Secured)
  • Select Settings from the PIPELINE section
  • Click View bitbucket-pipelines.yml
  • Replace the default content with...
image: samueldebruyn/debian-git

    - step:
          - apt-get update
          - apt-get -qq install git-ftp

          - git ftp init --user $FTP_USERNAME --passwd $FTP_PASSWORD
          - curl$FW_REINIT
  • After the first run change init, which does an complete deploy, to push to deploy new updates/deletions to the ftp site