My Mac History

I got my new Macintosh computer today. A iMac 20" 2GHz 2GB/400GB. Nice!

So I got thinking, how many Mac's have I owned???

1989|SE/30 4/40 (that's 4Mb RAM and 40Mb hard disk!). I bought this with a LaserWriter IISC which I upgraded to the IIf when the motherboard died. 1994|PowerMac 7100/66. I think this was my next Mac. I need to lookup some old invoices 1997|PowerMac 6500/275AV. This was next, with a AppleVision 1710AV display 1999|PowerMac G4 with a Apple Studio Display 17 flat panel screen 2001|PowerBook G4 500 MHz. My first laptop 2003|PowerBook G4 1.0 GHz 15" 2005|iMac G5 2 GHz 2GB/400GB 20" (6 June 2005) 2007|MacBook 2.16 GHz 2GB/160GB 13.2" (18 May 2007) 2008|iMac 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 2GB/300GB 24" 2008|iPhone 3G (11 July 2008) 2017|MacBookPro 13" 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 16GB/512GB (14 Sep 2017)