Lucee Administrator Password

By default the Lucee administrator password for the Server and Web contexts are not set. So when you visit the adminstrator for the first time you're asked to choose a password. This is not ideal from a security perspective.

When using CommandBox with commandbox-cfconfig you can set the Server and Web administrator passwords from the commandline.

cfconfig set adminPassword=commandbox // set for current site
cfconfig set adminPasswordDefault=commandbox // set for all new sites

See the CFConfig manual.

Remember you need to save your config with cfconfig export to=.cfconfig.json from the server webroot for CommandBox to automatically import when the server is started.

You can also set server-wide default password. With commandbox-dotenv and commandbox-cfconfig installed just run from the CommandBox command line...

propertyFile set ~/.box.env cfconfig_adminPassword myFavPassword

... and then you will have global environment file which will run for all sites, Lucee or Adobe ColdFusion.