Brian Kotek's Form Utils

The great form utils project originally developed by Brian Kotek has been forked and updated by James Mohler.

"The main capability of this CFC is to generate arrays and structures on the ColdFusion server based on the names of your form fields. So a form field named user.firstName would create a structure named user with a key of firstName, holding the value of that field.

It will also generate arrays. A form field named user[1].firstName would create an array, with the first element in the array being a structure called user with a struck key of firstName.

These can be created to any arbitrary level of complexity.

The CFC also has a handy function that will take an original list and a new list, and return a structure telling you what was added to the the list, removed from the list, and what stayed in the list. Useful for handling forms with checkboxes.

Fix added to handle situations where a form collection key and a form field had the same name."